Criminal Appeal

What is a Criminal Appeal ?

When a person has been convicted by a Court, he has a right to file an appeal in the higher court. Generally, a judgement passed by the Magistrate Court can be challenged in the Sessions Court and a judgement passed by the Sessions Court can be challenged in the High Court. No appeal can be filed in case of petty offences and when the Accused has pleaded guilty.

Revisions :

What is the power of revision ?

The High Court or Sessions Court may call and examine the legality of a sentence, finding or an order and may call for and examine the proceedings before the inferior court within its jurisdiction. A revision application can be filed before the Court under Section 397 of CrPC.

Writ Petitions :

What is Writ Petition ?

The High Court has been given inherent powers to give orders to prevent the abuse of the process of any Court. . The inherent powers of the High Court may be invoked where no other alternative remedy such as an appeal or revision lies. A writ petition can be filed under Section 482 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973.